DENTAL aesthetics
Dr. Richard Garrel’s dental surgery , implantology & periodontics

You want to feel young again … restore your smile!

One of the vocations of Dr. Richard Garrel’s dental surgery, specializing in Implantology and periodontics, in Avignon, is to give you your smile back using contemporary dental technology!

Indeed, one of our specialties is cosmetic dentistry. We propose the technique best suited to your teeth in order to obtain optimum results both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

There are several aesthetic dental treatments such as :

Tooth whitening

When descaling is not sufficient to mitigate the discoloration of teeth, teeth whitening technique can be an aesthetic solution that brings sparkle and shine to your smile.
The result is fast and longevity depends on a twice-daily brushing of your teeth and an annual professional cleaning.

Dental veneers

They are Ideal to hide imperfections in the same way as false nails !
A very thin ceramic coating is bonded to the outer surface of the teeth to improve the aesthetics of one or several unsightly teeth: the hue, shape abnormalities, tooth wear ….

This aesthetic dental technology aligns your smile
in a sustainable way.


Bad positions of the jaws and teeth are improved thanks to this dental specialty which is orthodontics.

This technique provides a better functional comfort (breathing, phonation, chewing, swallowing) while promoting the development of bone and the rehabilitation of a lovely smile, with beautiful aligned teeth !